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Russell Brand, We Missed You! And Your Penis!

While he’s not a rock star per say, actor/comedian Russell Brand has played one in a movie so we’re going to give him, and his penis, honorary rock star status. They truly deserve it.

Self-confessed sex addict Russell Brand recently filed divorce from his estranged wife, pop-star Katy Perry, leaving us to wonder if he’s back to his old ways once again. Brand will happily admit that prior to his marriage he was having sex as many as five times a day. When one would leave, another would come and sometimes they’d even see each other in passing, no big deal. He reportedly admitted to a friend that since being married he’s come to really miss his promiscuous past.

In his autobiography he claimed to have sex up to twenty times on a normal week, that’s over 1,000 women a year! Way to go Russell! After shows he would take four to five girls back to his room and have his way with each one, sometimes all at once and sometimes they would take turns. He proudly admits that his record is nine women in one evening.

However, since his marriage to the pop-star things seemed to have slow down quite a bit. During the marriage Brand announced that he gardened more than he had sex, although he is a “bloody good gardener” now.

With the divorce so fresh, time will tell if Russell Brand will go back to his rock star bedroom behavior. Our guess: Probably, and maybe he’ll break his old record.

If YOU break his record, please let us know so we can add you to our Rock Star Penis Hall of Fame. Not sure you have the stamina and energy to take on nine (or more) women in just one evening? Maxuvia will give you everything you need to perform like a Rock Star, or guy that plays one on TV.

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Blink 182 Drummer Travis Barker Penis Pic!

We’ve all seen him and Blink 182 band mates running naked in the streets causing all sorts of trouble in their 1999 music video for “What’s My Age Again.” But this time, the blur over the key areas are nowhere to be found!
Nude photos of the Blink 182 drummer posted by gossip website show a very healthy looking package. While his face is not shown in the pictures, he is easily identified by his unmistakable collection of tattoos. Barker had a cease-and-desist letter sent to the website and the pictures were soon taken down, but not before hundreds of thousands of viewers had already seen the pics, and managed to get more than a few screenshots. Since the then the photos have gone viral and Barker’s team of lawyers is working hard to take them all down.
The photos were sent to a female admirer and were never intended for public viewing or to be seen by anyone else. In reply to fans’ Barker tweeted “Crossing my fingers that never happens again!”
Haven’t seen the pictures? We were a little surprised that his gentiles are the only part of his body not covered in tattoos. He is sizably comparable to another drummer famous for his RockStar Penis, Tommy Lee. Why be embarrassed Travis? The ladies like what they see!
Not everyone has the rockstar status to post a penis pic online and get thousands of attractive young women begging for more, but you can be a rockstar in bed with a scientifically formulated blend of herbs to turbo-charge your sex life.   Maxuvia is a natural daily supplement designed to promote better erections, harder erections, longer erections, and increase stamina and performance.

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Ace Frehley’s penis has gotten around. Now, let’s say Ace has only gotten half as many girls as his KISS bandmate Gene Simmons has claimed to have gotten, which is probably reasonable, because while Ace Frehley is notably more handsome than Simmons, he doesn’t have a gigantic and apparently prehensile tongue. Now Simmons’ claim is that he’s slept with 4600 different women, so we’re going to give Frehley 2300.

Like I said, Ace Frehley’s penis has done a lot of work. I’m actually faintly surprised that it doesn’t have calluses. You might think that this all means that Ace Frehley’s penis is something spectacular. Well, no it’s not. I mean he’s reasonably well hung, but he doesn’t have the kind of unsheathed sword that gets you a spot in the urban dictionary for well hung.

Despite that, he’s said to be a pretty damn good lover in the sack. He is, in fact, one of the most popular rock stars t sleep with, precisely because he is a good sex partner. The reason for this isn’t because he has an outsized penis, he doesn’t, but because he actually pays attention to the women and, quite crucially, always make sure that his partner manages to have an orgasm.

Here is an essential truth that many men overlook; it doesn’t matter how big your penis is if you give the girl what she wants. Big or small, satisfaction is what matters, and if you can consistently ensure that she finishes before you, word will get around, and while you might not get Ace Frehley levels of tail, you’ll never be without a friend for the night.

If you’re aiming to get to this level of sexual skill, you need to make all your bases are covered. Probably the best way to do this is to use Maxuvia, which is specifically designed to enhance every aspect of your lovemaking machine. If you do that, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ll able to last long enough to give her what she wants.

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Zack De La Rocha penis has many groupie fans

Zack De La Rocha’s penis is pretty impressive, and when he’s not busy rap singing about various injustices, he finds time to put it to good use. According to groupies, who remain the go to source for information about any rocks star penis, Zack De La Rocha’s penis is about eight inches around, and seven inches in girth, which are pretty impressive dimensions even if they don’t quite put him into the John Holmes or Tommy Lee category of gigantic penises.

Now I mention Zack De La Rocha’s penis not because I have some unusual fixation on it, I don’t, I swear, but because it actually brings me to something else that groupies are saying about De La Rocha, which is that his relatively impressive package is one of his lesser attributes.

In fact, the rumor is that his whole crotch area is distinctively unattractive, despite length and girth, but that the whole experience is worthwhile because De La Rocha is supremely talented in other areas. In fact, his skills with his fingers and tongue is said to be legendary in and of itself, and that’s before he even deploys the biggest weapon in his arsenal.

Which is something that more men should probably learn, especially if they want to get word spread around about their prowess in the sack. You can learn to be a better lover, and it doesn’t matter at all if you aren’t endowed the way that Zack De La Rocha is. These are skills and they can be learned.

But you don’t have to settle in the purely physical department, either. Maxuvia can help you get harder erections that last longer, and the appetite to use them all night long. Remember, you don’t need to have the biggest gun if you know how to shoot right.

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Jerry Cantrell is not the sort of rock star you expect to be packing in the penis department, so it may come as a surprise that Jerry Cantrell’s penis is actually right up there in the same league as Tommy Lee’s legendary wang. At least with Tommy Lee you can kind of see that he would probably have a pretty impressive penis just from the way he’s built, at least in retrospect.

Jerry Cantrell, not so much. At least part of this is image. The hard rock guys of the eighties, like Motley Crue, Skid Row and even Poison, had public images as hard partying guys, who were taking massive amounts of drugs, drinking enough alcohol to keep all of Kentucky in business and generally having their way with legions of groupies.

The Seattle grunge movement that Alice in Chains came out of had an entirely different vibe to it. There were drugs, to be sure, and Alice in Chains’ lead singer would die of an overdose in 2002, but they didn’t have the party animal reputation, so when it turns out that one of them is a minor sexual legend, well, it’s a bit of a surprise.

Jerry Cantrell’s penis is reputed to be somewhere in the neighborhood of ten inches, which is about twice the size of the average penis, so he’s got the goods. According to groupie scuttlebutt, he’s also a got a pretty prodigious amount of stamina, and can easily handle two women at the same time. Even more impressive than Jerry Cantrell’s penis is the fact that he was able to do all this while taking an awful lot of drugs.

The bad news, if you want to think of it like that, is that if you aren’t born with a giant penis, then you’re just going to have to deal with it. The good news is that you can get to a Jerry Cantrell level of stamina with Maxuvia, which is specifically designed to give you longer, harder erections and the stamina of a rock legend.

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Sebastian Bach penis news

Sebastian Bach is a tall, skinny dude with a lot of bad tattoos and a blonde hair do that comes thundering at you straight out of 1985. Despite having rock star status, albeit rock star status established twenty years ago, it’s still a little hard to see why he gets women, and the word is that he gets a lot of them. Of course, that’s because few of us non groupies have seen Sebastian Bach’s penis.

As you might assume when you seen a goonie looking guy getting lots of tail, Sebastian Bach’s penis is a pretty impressive member. Like a lot of tall and gangly guys, he’s packing a lot of power in the crotch department. But there may be more to the story than just what Sebastian Bach’s penis brings to the show.

For one thing, Sebastian Bach, whatever you may think of his looks or his musical talent, is pretty much dripping with charisma, and possibly beer, although the charisma is what matters here. You can get away with a lot of deficiencies if you have enough charm to back it up and Sebastian Bach has it in spades.

The other thing he has going for him is that he actually has sexual skills. You know the theory that says that pretty people don’t generally have as polished social skills as less pretty people. The same thing can apply to well hung guys; they don’t have the same moves as less well hung guys because they don’t think they need them.

There’s not a heck of a lot you can do to change the size of your penis, unfortunately. Your ability in the sack, however, is entirely within your control, and you can do something about it, even if you aren’t gifted with Sebastian Bach’s penis.

What you need to do is work on your skills and take Maxuvia, which is a supplement designed to enhance your ability in all the ways that matter. If you want to become a legend, Maxuvia will help you get there.

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Phil Anselmo’s penis has a brief but memorable appearance in the original Pantera video. Actually, brief is entirely the wrong word for Phil Anselmo’s penis, given that it looks as if he might have had some sort of cross species transplant from a horse, or possibly King Kong.

Anselmo is sufficiently well hung that a lot of groupies actually find his penis to be intimidating, and he hasn’t got the kind of reputed numbers that, say, your Gene Simmons has gotten. Of course, Anselmo is fairly young yet, so it’s entirely possible that he might rack up some bigger numbers over the years.

Anselmo is actually a pretty intimidating guy in general, as his overall stage demeanor seems to carry over into real life. Phil Anselmo’s penis just seems to be an overall extension of that, and you get the impression that he would use his fairly impressive member as a club if the mood struck him.

But size isn’t everything, and Phil Anselmo is a pretty good example of that. He is incredibly well hung, but he has failed to inspire the same kind of legendary status that someone like Tommy Lee has achieved, despite being comparable in the shorts area. Now, part of this is because he hasn’t been boinking women like Pamela Anderson, but part of it is his overall attitude. Some women are attracted to that, but most aren’t.

Now, this applies to you, too. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t packing a power drill in your pants. Yeah, it’d be nice if you did, but if you don’t, no sweat. What really gets women is confidence. A lot of people like to think that women like rock stars and athletes and rich guys because of money and fame, but the real reason they dig them, most of the time, is because successful dudes have confidence.

One great for you to have more confidence is to enhance your game in bed. Maxuvia is a great way to do it; the supplement is specially designed to make you go harder, longer, which will give you the confidence to bring in any girl you want.

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Tom Sizemore’s sex tape is something else. Now, Tom Sizemore’s penis isn’t especially impressive, but there’s a lot more to sex than having the biggest tool in the shed. What Tom Sizemore brings to the table is stamina, as his sex tape shows him working his way, apparently tirelessly, through not one, not two, but four, count them four, hookers. However you might feel about having sex with prostitutes, Tom Sizemore’s sex tape is still a pretty big accomplishment.

This is especially true when you consider the man himself. Sizemore is, charitably, getting up there in years, is fairly overweight, and is known to have a fairly massive drug problem, something that has been well documented by various reality television shows. So it’s kind of a miracle that Tom Sizemore’s penis does anything at all, much less that it responds to the call of duty with such vigor.

In fact, Sizemore’s fairly extraordinary appetite and vigor actually makes for a not particularly good sex tape, since endless hours of having sex ceases to be interesting to watch and actually becomes fairly boring. Tom Sizemore’s sex tape surely shows that he was having fun; the rest of us, not so much.

Still, there are some lessons you can learn from Tom Sizemore or, more specifically, Tom Sizemore’s penis. One is that you definitely can’t judge a book by its cover. The second is that sexual stamina doesn’t necessarily come from having a buffed out body and outstanding cardiovascular conditioning.

I’m not sure what, if anything, Sizemore used to get that legendary sex tape performance, but the best way for you to try and duplicate his feat is by using Maxuvia. The supplement is specifically designed to give you greater sexual appetite and greater stamina, both of which are critical to you putting on your own Sizemore like performance.

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Bam Margera’s sex tape and the Bam Margera penis news

Bam Margera’s sex tape should come as no surprise to anyone. Heck, it seems like half the Jackass pranks involved Bam Margera’s penis to begin with. Although he is theoretically a skater, Margera is best known for, well, doing stupid stuff.

Not just to himself, either, since he has managed to bring the whole Margera family into the act, generally spending a most of time terrorizing his family by, amongst other things, tackling his father, building a skate ramp in the house when they aren’t there, and nearly killing his uncle. But to be fair, it’s always been entertaining, and Margera has made millions of dollars being a general Jackass.

With that in mind, it’s actually kind of surprising how tame Bam Margera’s sex tape is. You might expect it to contain Margera using a skate ramp to do a 720 before landing in pillow of naked women. Or, at the very least, Bam Margera’s penis to be dressed up in some kind of costume.

But no, Bam Margera’s sex tape is pretty much as plain vanilla as you’re likely to find, and surprisingly brief. It’s not an embarrassment, really, but if I were Bam Margera I’d have tried a little harder. The man has a reputation to uphold. But at least you get to see Bam Margera’s penis, if you’re into that sort of thing.

There is always room for improvement in the sex department. You may not be planning on making a sex tape, but you should always approach each encounter as if it was going to be made publicly available. You want to make it something special.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Maxuvia, which is a specially designed super supplement designed to enhance every quality you need to make a great sex tape. You get harder, longer erections, an increased sex drive, and the energy to go until the camera battery runs out.

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Colin Farrell sex tape & Colin Farrell’s penis

Colin Farrell’s penis is reasonably impressive for an Irish guy. I know this because I’ve seen the Colin Farrell sex tape, which was taped back in 2002, when Farrell was just a young lad of 26. The sex tape is actually kind of awesome, because, amongst other things, the tape features Colin Farrell, Colin Farrell’s penis in a starring role, and former Playboy Bunny Nicole Narain.

Yes, Farrell has smoldering Black Irish looks, but Nicole is smoking hot, which is always a good thing in a celebrity sex tape, where one or the other of the participants are all too often less than attractive, if not downright coyote ugly. The Colin Farrell sex tape, on the other hand features two extraordinarily good looking people doing some hot stuff.

Which is other thing that’s good about the Colin Farrell sex tape; it’s genuinely pretty hot in the way that lots of sex tapes aren’t. I’m not going to go too far into the gory (or rather, sexy) details, but I think it’s enough to say that Farrell demonstrates an impressive amount of stamina, appetite and creativity, and Colin Farrell’s penis demonstrates some admirable abilities.

Farrell eventually ended up suing Narain over the sex tape. He believed that she was releasing it maliciously to damage his career. Now while Farrell is a serious actor, a large part of his image is as the hard partying pretty boy. What this naturally leads me to assume is that what see on the Colin Farrell sex tape is actually a sub par performance for him, which boggles the mind.

You may not be Colin Farrell, but you can duplicate his performance in the sack, which isn’t too bad of a compromise. What you want to do is get Maxuvia, which is a male enhancement supplement, and it will give you appetite and the stamina to make Colin Farrell proud.

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Ray J’s penis revealed on Kim Kardashian sex tape

Ray J’s Kim Kardashian sex tape launched a million dollar mini industry, which is probably more than most people will accomplish. Ray J’s penis has also launched at least three VH 1 reality shows, which is kind of awesome and kind of a sad commentary on modern society. There’s a pretty good chance you seen both the Ray J Kim Kardashian sex tape and Ray J’s penis, although you might not realize it off hand.

The reason that you might not realize it is because Ray J is by far the least famous person in that sex tape. His, er, co star in the Ray J sex tape was none other than Miss Kim Kardashian, she of the luscious lips, sprawling family and truly spectacular ass. Yep, this is the sex tape that catapulted her from barely known daughter of an OJ Simpson lawyer and BFF of Paris Hilton to her own brand.

Last year, Kim earned more than five million dollars through her various business ventures, which is one hell of a lot of money. She owes it all to the fame generated by her somewhat rough treatment of Ray J’s penis. Of course, Ray J himself isn’t doing too badly either, so it was probably a win-win both ways.

Ray J , prior to the sex tape, was probably best known as pop singer Brandy’s little brother. He has a nominal music career, but he’s best known now for his various VH 1 shows where fairly skanky women try to hook up with him, because apparently they think his penis has magic fame juice. Of course, maybe it does.

Your penis will probably never drive a woman to millionaire status, but you can leave her feeling like a million bucks. One of the best ways to guarantee a good performance is to use Maxuvia, which is specially designed to give harder erections, great stamina and increase your sexual appetite.

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Verne Troyer’s sex tape even made it into song, referenced in the Hedley song Cha Ching. You have to admire Verne Troyer’s penis, because he’s basically taken a no lines role in the Austin Powers movies and parleyed it into something resembling a career, which is more than you can say for most of the other people that have been in similar positions.

You also have to admire the fact that he consistently gets women, despite having Verne Troyer’s penis. Actually, that’s probably not fair, since one thing we learned from the Verne Troyer sex tape is that Verne Troyer’s penis is actually kind of impressive for a guy that’s barely over two feet tall.

This should tell you a couple of things. The first is that things like your body and your looks don’t have as much to do with pulling hot girls as we all like to imagine. I mean, even if you scaled him up to regular size, Verne Troyer is not a handsome man. Plus he has a barb wire tattoo around his bicep, which generally causes most women’s legs to clamp shut like a bear trap snapping shut.

Of course, Troyer presumably does okay in the money department, which is arguably more important than what he has going on in the Verne Troyer looks department or the Verne Troyer penis department. But realistically, what he really has going for him is personality, charm and a lot of sexual energy.

There’s no supplement yet devised that can give you charm or personality, but there is something that can be done about the sexual energy. Maxuvia is a supplement specially designed to give you all the sexual energy and appetite you’ll ever need. If Verne Troyer can acquit himself well without Maxuvia, imagine what you’ll be able to do with it.

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Kid Rock’s penis caught on celebrity sex tape….!

Kid Rock’s penis caught on celebrity sex tape….! There are a lot of benefits to living in a time when it’s easy to tape anything. Back before we had video tape or digital cameras, all we got in the way of celebrity sex tapes was rumors about them. You would hear about things like the whole David Bowie and Mick Jagger thing, or about the hundreds of girls Gene Simmons banged while he was on tour, but you never got to see it. Of course, on the upside, you might never have to see something like Kid Rock’s penis.

But there’s something about being able to tape yourself having sex that people can’t resist. This is especially true when the ability to do so is cheap and easy to use. Which is why we now have sex tapes that provide visual proof that rock stars really do hang out and bang chicks together.

Enter Kid Rock’s sex tape, which feature him and Scott Stapp, the latter being the lead singer of the sort of Christian rock band Creed, having sex with a quartet of nubile groupies. This isn’t so much of a shocker for Kid Rock, who is after all, attached to Kid Rock’s penis but given Stapp’s image and religious roots, it is kind of blow.

Surprisingly, Kid Rock actually thinks that Scott Stapp is the one responsible for the leak of the Kid Rock sex tape, and filed an injunction to stop the release of the tape. One of the girls on the tape, apparently realizing that nobody wants to be known as the girl who had sex with the guy from Creed, also moved to stop it.

You may not want to star in a sex tape with Scott Stapp or Kid Rock, but you might want to have sex with two women at once. If you’re going to do that, you’re going to need to pack a little more punch in your shorts. Maxuvia, an all natural supplement designed to give you greater stamina and increased sex drive, is the exact thing you need for a sex tape two fer.

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Vince Neil sex tape and Vince Neil penis news

Vince Neil sex tape and Vince Neil of Motley Crue’s penis..the story can finally be told.

Motley Crue is fairly legendary, and not just for their pioneering use of the umlaut. The eighties were a time when any rock band worth their salt was doing enough drugs to kill a small nation and drinking enough alcohol to pickle the corpses of the nation. And, of course, doing groupies at every opportunity. No one did this better or,er, harder than the Crue.

They plowed through the girls with a voraciousness that would leave wondering how they had the energy to even play gigs, although copious quantities of cocaine probably came in handy there. It’s no surprise at all that there have been sex tapes released starring Crue members. If anything, the surprising thing is that there have been so few sex tapes starring members of the band. Not that anyone really wants to see a Vince Neil sex tape.

The most famous is what has to be the most famous sex tape of all time, the Tommy Lee – Pamela Anderson sex tape. What you might not know is that there is also a sex tape starring Motley Crue singer Vince Neil and Vince Neil’s penis, which was actually released by the same company that released the Tommy Lee sex tape.

The Vince Neil sex tape doesn’t have Pamela Anderson’s orbs of wonder or Tommy Lee’s penis, it is kind of impressive in its own right. Vince manages to bag both Janine Lindemulder, a porn star who is probably best know as being Jesse James’ tatted up ex wife, and Penthouse Pet Brandy Ledford. Whatever else you can say about it, Vince Neil’s penis gets into some hot women.

A porn star and a Penthouse girl is a pretty good pull by any standard, but Vince Neil’s sex tape performance is less than inspiring. You are probably never going to be able to get two porn stars in bed at the same time, but you can guarantee a sex tape worthy performance.

What you need to get is Maxuvia, a male enhancement supplement that will have you rock and rolling with longer, harder erections and increased stamina. You might not have a sex tape released, but you’re going to be wishing you could after you use Maxuvia. You might not have Vince Neil’s penis, but you can have his sex life.

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John Edwards sex tape news

When it comes to celebrity sex tapes, you kind of have to admire John Edwards’ balls. Wait, that came out wrong. You have to admire John Edwards’ penis. No, that’s not it either. You have to admire the chutzpah that allows a man who is in the public eye to perform on camera with someone who isn’t his wife. Which is exactly what happened, and why we have a John Edwards sex tape.

If that weren’t enough, and it would have been plenty for your average celebrity sex tape, it’s shot by his campaign’s official videographer (which, incidentally, means that the John Edwards sex tape is high quality; it’s in focus and well lit) who is also carrying his illegitimate baby.

I think to fully appreciate the brazenness of what John Edwards (and by extension, John Edwards’ penis) did, you have to appreciate how much he had to lose if the sex tape ever became public, as they so often do. He was a democratic vice presidential candidate who was making a run at becoming the presidential candidate, and it looked like he had a good chance of actually getting the nod.

Now, there are presidents who can get away with being raging sex fiends, and I’m looking at you JFK and Bill Clinton, but when the key part of your campaign is your good looks and appeal to women and you’ve made your family a key part of your image, well, a sex tape is probably a bad idea. John Edwards’ sex tape is proof enough of that.

Of course, if you have an immensely sympathetic wife who is suffering from cancer and you decide to film yourself banging your mistress, well, you damn well better have iron down below.

John Edwards sex tape actually shows that he performs pretty admirably in front of the camera, but like all things in this life, there is room for improvement. Edwards is fit for a man of his age, but like everyone, a little help in the bedroom department wouldn’t be unwelcome.

The best way to insure that you’re sex tape ready is to use Maxuvia, which will give you rock hard erections, a raging sex drive and increased stamina. This will come in handy if you decide to pull a John Edwards and film a sex tape. Just do us all a favor and do it with your wife and not some random camera handy hussy.

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