Colin Farrell’s penis is reasonably impressive for an Irish guy. I know this because I’ve seen the Colin Farrell sex tape, which was taped back in 2002, when Farrell was just a young lad of 26. The sex tape is actually kind of awesome, because, amongst other things, the tape features Colin Farrell, Colin Farrell’s penis in a starring role, and former Playboy Bunny Nicole Narain.

Yes, Farrell has smoldering Black Irish looks, but Nicole is smoking hot, which is always a good thing in a celebrity sex tape, where one or the other of the participants are all too often less than attractive, if not downright coyote ugly. The Colin Farrell sex tape, on the other hand features two extraordinarily good looking people doing some hot stuff.

Which is other thing that’s good about the Colin Farrell sex tape; it’s genuinely pretty hot in the way that lots of sex tapes aren’t. I’m not going to go too far into the gory (or rather, sexy) details, but I think it’s enough to say that Farrell demonstrates an impressive amount of stamina, appetite and creativity, and Colin Farrell’s penis demonstrates some admirable abilities.

Farrell eventually ended up suing Narain over the sex tape. He believed that she was releasing it maliciously to damage his career. Now while Farrell is a serious actor, a large part of his image is as the hard partying pretty boy. What this naturally leads me to assume is that what see on the Colin Farrell sex tape is actually a sub par performance for him, which boggles the mind.

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