Kid Rock’s penis caught on celebrity sex tape….! There are a lot of benefits to living in a time when it’s easy to tape anything. Back before we had video tape or digital cameras, all we got in the way of celebrity sex tapes was rumors about them. You would hear about things like the whole David Bowie and Mick Jagger thing, or about the hundreds of girls Gene Simmons banged while he was on tour, but you never got to see it. Of course, on the upside, you might never have to see something like Kid Rock’s penis.

But there’s something about being able to tape yourself having sex that people can’t resist. This is especially true when the ability to do so is cheap and easy to use. Which is why we now have sex tapes that provide visual proof that rock stars really do hang out and bang chicks together.

Enter Kid Rock’s sex tape, which feature him and Scott Stapp, the latter being the lead singer of the sort of Christian rock band Creed, having sex with a quartet of nubile groupies. This isn’t so much of a shocker for Kid Rock, who is after all, attached to Kid Rock’s penis but given Stapp’s image and religious roots, it is kind of blow.

Surprisingly, Kid Rock actually thinks that Scott Stapp is the one responsible for the leak of the Kid Rock sex tape, and filed an injunction to stop the release of the tape. One of the girls on the tape, apparently realizing that nobody wants to be known as the girl who had sex with the guy from Creed, also moved to stop it.

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