Ray J’s Kim Kardashian sex tape launched a million dollar mini industry, which is probably more than most people will accomplish. Ray J’s penis has also launched at least three VH 1 reality shows, which is kind of awesome and kind of a sad commentary on modern society. There’s a pretty good chance you seen both the Ray J Kim Kardashian sex tape and Ray J’s penis, although you might not realize it off hand.

The reason that you might not realize it is because Ray J is by far the least famous person in that sex tape. His, er, co star in the Ray J sex tape was none other than Miss Kim Kardashian, she of the luscious lips, sprawling family and truly spectacular ass. Yep, this is the sex tape that catapulted her from barely known daughter of an OJ Simpson lawyer and BFF of Paris Hilton to her own brand.

Last year, Kim earned more than five million dollars through her various business ventures, which is one hell of a lot of money. She owes it all to the fame generated by her somewhat rough treatment of Ray J’s penis. Of course, Ray J himself isn’t doing too badly either, so it was probably a win-win both ways.

Ray J , prior to the sex tape, was probably best known as pop singer Brandy’s little brother. He has a nominal music career, but he’s best known now for his various VH 1 shows where fairly skanky women try to hook up with him, because apparently they think his penis has magic fame juice. Of course, maybe it does.

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